Rainy Day in the Kentucky Woods

Friday May 4th 2018

I woke up to a cloudy day and it went down hill from there. Around new a light rain started to fall. It has continued to rain off and on since then. Tomorrow is forecast to have more rain with the possibility of over two inches of rain falling.


Green hillside behind the campground that I was getting ready to hike into when the rain started. These green trees are far more familiar to me than the woods out west were last summer.

This campground has a number of hiking trails to explore. I was heading for the trails when the rain started. Not prepared for a walk in the rain, I return to my RV home and have remained there since the rain started. I’ve watched the campground fill up for the weekend. This park seems to be a base camp for dirt bike riders. The majority of the RVs arriving for the weekend came with off road motorcycles. A little internet searching shows that there are several trails in the nearby Daniel Boone National Forest and an organized race this weekend. I hope it’s not too noisy in the morning. There has already been some motor noise as people prepare their machines.

When I was planning my route north I avoided the Louisville Kentucky area this weekend. It is Kentucky Derby weekend. I should have realized it is a big deal throughout the state. The celebration has been going on all week. Today’s series of races at Churchill downs concluded with the Kentucky Oaks Race. This is nick named the fillies for the lilies race. The Lexington based TV stations had their news anchors broadcasting from the grounds all day. They were all properly dressed for the occasion. They interviewed a few equally well dressed people in the paddock area that were also well lubricated. Proof that the celebration has been going on all day.

If the current forecast holds, I’ll probably stay at home tomorrow too. Hiking in the woods on a rainy day doesn’t strike me as a good idea. Sunday is forecast to be a little better in the morning, but thunderstorms late in the day. I’m moving on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll get an early start and be off the road before the bad weather arrives.


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