Travel Day to Kentucky

Thursday May 3rd 2018

It was a little bit warmer and a little bit more humid with a little bit more wind today. The wind wasn’t something I wanted for a travel day, but it only got in the way a couple of times. The heat and humidity were only a problem setting in the afternoon.


Renfro Valley KOA site 41.

I got on the road just before 10am. The trip came in three parts. The first part was traveling north on Interstate 75 toward Interstate 40 in the Knoxville area. I’ve traveled this road once before when I brought my brand new RV home north to New Hampshire in the fall of 2015. It’s a hilly winding road with only light traffic overall. The down side is the truck traffic. They travel at the 70 mph speed limit in the flat areas and slow to near fifty on the hills. I try to maintain a steady pace around 65mph, but closing on slowed trucks cause me to loose momentum and bog down as well. I don’t like playing hop scotch with the trucks.

The second part of today’s trip was along Interstate 40 west of Knoxville. Traffic on this stretch was heavy. It’s a four to five lane wide road with traffic in all of the lanes and plenty of trucks in the right most lanes. I had more than one car weaving in and out of traffic cut right in front of me. This was the most urban area of today’s travel. Shops, factories and other businesses lined both sides of the road.

The last part of the trip was on Interstate 75 north of Knoxville. This is all new territory for my travels. The terrain rapidly changes from Knoxville suburbs to green mountains and valleys. The road passes through parts of the Appalachian Mountains. A lot of the land along the road is national forest and state park land. I couldn’t really enjoy the view. I had to concentrate on driving. There were two significant construction zones where they were blasting ledge to widen the road. The truck traffic continued on this part of the trip too. Getting stuck in a line of trucks climbing a hill in a construction zone is a real trifecta of hard driving. This leg of today’s journey brought me into Kentucky. Prior to today the only time I’ve been in Kentucky was to change planes at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport.

After two hundred miles and around four hours I arrived at my destination for the next three nights in the Kentucky’s Renfro Valley. This KOA is up a steep hill on a one way road from the main road. It was quite a surprising approach.

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