A Little Chattanooga Touring

Wednesday May 2nd 2018

Today was my third and final full day here north of Chattanooga TN, so it was my last chance to do some touring. The weather continued to be perfect. The temperature started around sixty and climbed into the low 80s in the afternoon.

Around noon I got on the road south to Chattanooga. I was still not fully committed to being a tourist today. My destination was the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. The Incline Railway is a one hundred year old funicular railway up the side of Lookout mountain at a grade of 72.7% around a mile long. The trolley like rail car had just arrived at the bottom station as I arrived. It wasn’t much to look at sitting in the station without anyone inside. This is when my not being fully committed to tourist mode came into play again. A round trip ticket was fifteen dollars to ride up a mountain that I could just as easily drive. I decided to drive but made a wrong turn somewhere along the way. When I was back at the interstate, I just headed back to my RV home. It wasn’t a total washout. I got to see some of the city and have a better idea where to go next time I’m in the area. I really should have done more upfront research on the Chattanooga area to get my excitement for touring ramped up.


You can’t really tell from the picture exactly how sharp a rise it is. I believe the 72.7% grade claim.

At the campground this evening I watched today’s set of overnight guests arrive. Every afternoon and evening the park fills with travelers. By eleven or so in the morning they are all gone. Tomorrow I’ll be gone with them. I suspect the trailer that pulled in next to me tonight will still be here. It is very clearly the first night out for the three people in a brand new trailer. Watching them learn about their rig as they setup was entertaining.

Tomorrow I’m traveling two hundred miles further north. I’ll stop until Sunday in the middle of Kentucky. On Sunday I’ll navigate the cities of Lexington and Cincinnati Ohio then proceed west toward Indianapolis for a couple of nights.


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