Travel to Tennessee

Sunday April 29th 2018

Yesterday afternoon the temperature was in the eighties. This morning it was in the fifties. By afternoon the temperature was in the sixties. I’m not sure if two hundred miles north and a few hundred feet in altitude is the cause of the lower temperature or if today was just cooler than yesterday all over the region. I expected it to get cooler as I moved north but this was quick.

I got on the road just before ten this morning. Traffic picked up steadily as I moved toward Atlanta on Interstate 75. It got particularly heavy near the beltways around the city. Since it was Sunday, I choose to drive through the center of the city on Interstate 75. It was actually much lighter traffic than near the beltways. Just north of where the beltways return to Interstate 75 was the location of the only major travel problem today. The left two lanes in both directions were being repaved. It took a long time to get five lanes down into three then moving at a snails pace through the construction zone. The traffic only came to a full stop a few times for less than a minute, but it never moved faster than ten or fifteen miles an hour. It took around half an hour to get through the area, but it seemed like hours.


Site 31 at the Chattanooga North / Cleveland KOA.

I arrived at my destination in the Chattanooga TN area around two in the afternoon. I’m about twenty miles north of the city. I tried to get a reservation at a couple of campgrounds closer to the things I wanted to see, but didn’t have any luck. One campground didn’t answer the phone either of the two times I called. The other one came back as full in their online reservation system. In hind sight I probably should have called them. The online system was acting odd and may have been reporting erroneously. This campground is cheaper and seems nice enough. I’ll be here for four nights.


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