Monday April 30th 2018

It turns out yesterdays mid sixties temperature was cool for this area. Today the temperature got up to the mid seventies and was called normal for this time of year by the TV weather talkers. It was a nice weather day after a cool overnight. I had to add an extra cover to the bed around four in the morning.


Tree with new light green leaves. A sure sign of Spring.

I had a failure to be motivated today. After two days of rushing through breakfast to get on the road, I took my time this morning. Between a second cup of coffee and reading news and blogs on the internet it was afternoon before I knew it. My first task for day was taking the bicycle and its carrier off the SUV to get ready for downtown streets and parking lots. After that ten minute task I was back reading and watching TV. I just wasn’t in the mood to be a tourist.

Walking around the campground I discovered Spring. Last year I was in Arizona and Nevada in April. Seeing the desert in bloom was interesting, but it doesn’t fit my definition of Spring. Living most of my life in the northeast I looked forward to the leaves returning to the trees and the flowering bushes in bloom. Those things were happening in Florida but it is far more subtle. Most of the trees have leaves all year and bushes blossom all the time. Today I found dandelions in the grass and trees with new leaves. It was a real reminder of spring.


Dandelion in bloom. Another sure sign of Spring.

Moving around the country has its advantages. It allows you to avoid the extremes. Going south in the winter and north in the summer keeps snow and continuous humidity away. Instead you don’t always get traditional transitions. Last fall my only indicator of the season was at altitude. The Aspen trees at 7,000 feet around the Grand Canyon turned a nice shade of yellow. The rest of Arizona and Nevada didn’t display anything that I recognized as Fall. I hope to correct that by being in New England this year.

The other side effect of traveling around the country is repetition of seasons. Last May I found winter in Nevada. I drove into a late in the year snowstorm at altitude. It’s not likely to happen again this year, but I am heading into much cooler weather. I will probably see the same signs of spring I’m seeing here in other locations to the north in the next few weeks.


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