Travel Day to Forsyth GA

Saturday April 28th 2018

I was up early to get ready for a long travel day. A couple of minutes too long in front of the TV resulted in missing my planned departure time by fifteen minutes. I was on the road by 9:45.


Some of the current residents at my Saturday night stop.

Traffic on Interstate 95 was heavy as usual. It really let up when I turned west on Interstate 16 only to become heavy again on Interstate 75 north for the last part of the journey. Traffic wasn’t really an issue. Concrete was the issue. Georgia seems to like concrete road surfaces. Bridges, causeways and large sections of Interstate 16 were all concrete roadways. New concrete roads aren’t a problem. They are just a series of bump, bump, bumps as you go over the expansion joints. Older concrete road beds are more of an issue. The sections of concrete vary in height enough that you get launched from one to the other. When there are enough launches in a row, the RV really gets into a rocking motion that the shocks are hard pressed to even out. It’s a very uncomfortable ride.

The uncomfortable ride from the concrete roadway was complicated by another feature of the Georgia highway system. There aren’t enough rest areas. A little over two hours into the drive my morning coffee was ready to complete its journey. The first place I found to stop was at my preplanned fuel stop three and a half hours into the journey. It wasn’t any too soon. Without a copilot to find alternatives, it is safest to continue until desperation sets in. I passed a rest area a few miles beyond my fuel stop.

For the second travel day in a row I passed a major accident. This one was at the a lane drop for a construction area. My guess is there was a failure to merge. Four or Five cars were well smashed up. The accident happened only a few minutes in front of me. I was stopped in traffic for about twenty minutes while the police, fire and rescue showed up to get things under control. Two flatbed tow trucks and an ambulance were on scene by the time I got through the area.


Site 117 at the Forsyth KOA.

My time on the road ended after a little more than six hours on the road. I am in Forsyth GA about 50 miles south of the Atlanta Metro area. Tomorrow I’ll go through Atlanta during the Sunday lull in traffic. I hope. Tomorrow will be less than two hundred miles of travel. Today’s was a little over 275 miles.

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