Getting back in travel mode

Friday April 27th 2018

I spent the day relaxing before a couple of days of hard driving. The weather was similar to the last couple of days. It was sunny with a high temperature around 80.


There are a lot of squirrels in this RV park. They kept me entertained as they foraged for food.

This campground is right on the side of Interstate 95, so it is ideally suited for an overnight stop. It filled up steadily yesterday afternoon and evening. I wouldn’t be surprised if the RV sites weren’t all full last night. This morning many were already gone by the time I got up around 8:30. By 9:30 all but a couple of the overnight residents were gone. My neighbor from New York had to be home by Sunday night. They had work and school scheduled on Monday. I suspect that many of the people in the park are in a hurry to get back to a northern home. This afternoon around 2:30 the process started to repeat.

I plan to be on the road by 9:30 tomorrow morning. I have about 270 miles to my Saturday night stop south of Atlanta. Sunday I plan to take Interstate 75 right through the center of Atlanta on my way north about 200 miles to the Chattanooga TN area. About an hour and a half north of here in the Savannah area I’ll turn off Interstate 95 onto Interstate 16. At that point I will be traveling mostly on new roads in new territory for the next few months. It takes a little more travel planning selecting routes, potential fuel stops and places to stay. Tomorrow night is at the KOA in Forsyth Georgia. I stayed there during hurricane Matthew in the fall of 2016. All of my stops after that are going to be guess work.

One of the things I worked on today was research on my travel plans over the next few months. I’m trying to find a balance between fixed reservations and freedom to wander. So far I haven’t committed to much. There are so many possibilities that I’m finding it hard to narrow the search. Unlike the western United States, the area between the Mississippi river and the Appalachian mountains isn’t an area that I’ve always anticipated visiting. I’ve been in discovery mode since I decided to travel in the area. Last year in the west I only checked a few boxes on my list. I don’t have a list for this area yet.

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