North to Georgia

Thursday April 26th 2018

It was another mid 80s sunny Florida spring day. The only downside was a little more wind than I’d like for a travel day. The RV got pushed around a little in the open areas, but nothing like at this time last year out west.

Today was the longest travel day I’ve had since early February. Most of my moves in the state of Florida have been around one hundred miles. This move was about 175 miles north on Interstate 95 with Florida’s largest city of Jacksonville to navigate around. I was still in leisurely preparation mode. It was after 10:30 before I left the Kennedy Space Center KOA in Mims. My first task was to fill the fuel tank with fifty gallons of gas at $2.66 a gallon. I went a mile off course to find an accessible station with a good price, so it was around 11AM before I was on the highway heading north. That’s a little too late a start for full travel mode. When I’m going 2 to 3 hundred miles a day, I need to be on the road by ten.

Traffic was heavy all the way. It was particularly bad in the Daytona Beach area. The intersection with Interstate 4 is being completely reworked. There were a few slow downs, but traffic never stopped. Even passing an accident the traffic kept pace. From the quick glance I had it was a serious accident. A car was standing on its nose leaning against the trees about fifty feet off the road with the bottom of the car facing the traffic. Police and fire rescue were on scene. It’s hard to guess how a single car accident could end with a car in such a strange position.


Site C-07 at the Jacksonville North KOA. Can’t get a satellite lock through all the tall pine trees.

I went around Jacksonville to the east. I’m used to taking the beltway around the west side of town, but now that the east beltway is complete it is shorter. I used the route the first time in 2016. It doesn’t have as much traffic as the western route.

My stop for the next two nights is officially out of Florida. I’m at the Jacksonville North/St Marys KOA in Kingsland Georgia. It is only a few hundred yards north of the river separating Florida from Georgia, but I’m officially headed north. On Saturday I’ll move north to just south of Atlanta. I want to go through the Atlanta Metro area on Sunday.


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