Travel Day to Port Canaveral

Monday April 16th 2018

The temperature was twenty degrees cooler than yesterday. Along with the lower temperature, the back side of the cold front was also very windy. Just what I didn’t want for a travel day.


This pelican is one of many that welcomed me to Port Canaveral. I considered their presence a welcome, but they may have been telling me to go away.

Since it was rainy yesterday, I had to do all of the outside travel prep this morning. It made for a little more work than usual, but I was on the road by checkout time at 11am. My drive from Kissimmee to Cape Canaveral was cross country. The mapping programs want to take me north to Orlando then East on the toll road, but I know another way. I take route 192 east then county roads through ranch land to get to the east coast. The first stage through the congestion of Kissimmee and St Cloud is slow and tedious. Just east of St. Cloud the county roads are straight and flat with no traffic lights. It took a little under two hours to relocate my RV home. The only issue was the strong wind crossing the open ranch land.


Site 338 at Jetty Park Campground along the side of Port Canaveral.

I’ve been to Jetty Park campground several times before. The attraction is the location, not the campsites. In the area I’m located the sites are really close together. Port Canaveral is the main attraction. In addition to a steady stream of cruise ships there are cargo ships and an occasional submarine to watch. Also across the channel to the north is the Cape Canaveral Air Station and the Kennedy Space center. The third attraction is the beach. It’s possible to walk south along the beach for several miles.


Disney Dream passing by the campground in the Port Canaveral Channel.


The Disney Dream was in the Atlantic by the time I was able to walk over to the side of the channel.

This afternoon and evenings cruise ship departures were different from my past experience. Some left early and others left late. Of the four or more cruise ships in port, I only saw the Disney ship depart. That one might have gone unnoticed if it didn’t play its “Wish upon a Star” horn music as it went by the campground. I’m guessing the odd departure schedule was caused by the scheduled rocket launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Station. A Space X Falcon 9 was scheduled to launch around 6:30. Unfortunately, it was rescheduled for Wednesday.


Time for a swim.

Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer after a very cool start. It should be warm enough for a walk along the beach and I’ll be watching for interesting traffic in the port. There are no cruise ships scheduled until Thursday.

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