Busy Day with Bad Weather

Sunday April 15th 2018

The long forecast cold front arrived today and pretty much dominated the day. This morning was very humid with temperatures in the high 80s. The sun never really won the battle with the clouds. By noon the storm clouds were moving in. There were tornado watches and sever thunderstorm warnings all around the area, but not for this specific location. We had a couple of cloud burst style three to five minute rain storms in the mid afternoon then it cleared off for a while. Around six the actual front passed through with a more sustained period of rain. There will probably be more periods of rain overnight, but the worst is over. With the windows closed to keep the rain out, I had to turn on both air conditioners to keep the RV cool. Now it’s starting to cool off outside. The next few days are forecast to be cooler than normal.


Great White Egret lands in the campground.

Despite the weather I got a lot accomplished today. This morning I went grocery shopping. I thought Sunday morning would be a slow time. Boy was I wrong. The aisles were full of shopping carts and the checkouts were all backed up. There were around ten checkouts open at the Super Walmart and each had five or more customers waiting to checkout. It probably took more than a half an hour to checkout. You can only read the tabloid headlines for so long.

Back at the RV resort I caught up on the laundry. The facilities here have fairly new quality machines. The down side is the cost is on the high side at $2.25 per load. These machines only took credit cards. I wish they would orient the card readers for full size people rather than midgets. To read the display I had to kneel down and still had difficulty with the poor display. You basically had to be straight in front of it to read the display.


Shortly after landing the Great White Egret prances across the road.

It was important to get the laundry done before I move on tomorrow. Not all of the places I stay have laundry facilities worthy of using. My next four nights are at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral Florida. The last time I was there, in November of 2016, the laundry facilities were still waiting for repairs after hurricane Mathew. Obviously I’m not going there for the laundry facilities, but to enjoy a few days on the Atlantic coast beach. There is also a rocket launch scheduled for tomorrow evening.

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