A Visit to Disney Springs

Saturday April 7th 2018

Today started calm and sunny and ended windy and wet. The gentle morning breeze kept increasing in strength as the day progressed. By four in the afternoon the wind was very strong and clouds had covered the sun. Thunder was in the air, but it never turned to rain. I checked the weather radar on my phone and the main line of storms was still fifty miles to the west. Around seven or so the wind picked up even more and rain fell for about five minutes. Since then it has been quiet; no rain and no wind. The TV weather forecast calls for a gentle soaking rain between 2 and 6 in the morning.


Great Blue Heron keeping an eye on the nearby Alligator.


Alligator trying to sneak up on the Heron.


The neighborhood duck posing for me again today.

This morning on my walk around the campground I saw the usual creatures at the retention pond. The most prominent is a Great Blue Heron that seems to keep watch at one corner of the water area. Today the resident alligator was showing some interest in the bird. It seemed to be practicing its stealth approach. Over the course of five or ten minutes the gator got about five feet closer to the Heron. I think the bird was watching it all the way. Eventually the alligator gave up and headed across to the other side of the pond at a rapid pace.

Around mid day I drove over to Disney Springs. This shopping and entertainment complex always has something interesting going on. Today they had a number of high school choir and coral groups performing. I listened to a couple groups perform. Both were difficult to hear. The strong gusty wind often drowned out the singing and the mix levels of one group were off. The keyboard music was amplified more than the voices. Even so, it was a nice way to spend some time.


Beautiful fake river through Disney Springs complete with painted bottom.


Saratoga Springs Resort across the lagoon with storm clouds gathering overhead.


Looking toward the Market Place area from the West Side.

It was busy at the Springs today, but the crowds weren’t that bad. I had thoughts of having Fish & Chips at Cookes of Dublin restaurant but ended up having a Hot Fudge Sunday at Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate shop. It was very good as usual. Considering that it costs as much as the fish & Chips it better. I ate a real meal later back at my RV home.

I had planned to walk up to Old Town again this evening. I wanted to see the Classic car Cruise in, but I decided to wait for the storm front on the radar to pass. Once I knew it had passed it was too late and I’m not sure how the organizers of the event would have handled the rain.

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