A Visit to Epcot

Sunday April 8th 2018

It rained off and on most of the night. This morning it was overcast but still warm and humid. The forecast for the day was uncertain. Some rain was possible late in the day. As it turned out there was just enough rain to be a nuisance.


Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2018

Late this afternoon I went to EPCOT at Disney World. The annual Flower and Garden Festival is going on. I wanted to check out the flowers and topiaries on display. Disney does a great job creating fun and beautiful displays. I spent most of my time wandering around taking pictures of the displays. Most of this blog entry will be some of the better pictures.

I did take time to ride a few of the attractions will short lines. All of the popular rides had long wait times. I tried to see the American Adventure show, but after waiting in the queue area and in the theater the show was declared closed. Even with a service tech sticking his head behind the curtain they couldn’t get it to run. I also managed to get some Fish & Chips at the United Kingdom Rose & Crown Pub. The British Revolution rock band was playing in the back garden as I ate my evening meal.

The weather wasn’t being cooperative. Most of the time it was just cloudy, but a couple of times the sun broke through and really warmed things up. A few minutes later it would drizzle. Once I got damp from sweat and the drizzle going into Air Conditioned buildings a chilling experience. The drizzle started to turn to rain as it approached eight in the evening. I decided against hanging around for the Illuminations fire, laser and fireworks show at nine. Instead, I returned home to a hot shower.















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