Return to Old Town

Friday April 6th 2018

Today was the last clear and sunny day before the next cold front arrives. Tomorrow afternoon is the start of a window with twenty to fifty percent chance of rain. Tuesday is the next day forecast to be sunny again. The TV weather forecasters are making it sound like a major calamity. Based on the data and a couple of months of observations, not the words coming out of the weather peoples mouths, I think it means partly cloudy days in the 70s instead of the 80s. Even a little rain is still better weather than a lot of the country is getting.


Neighborhood duck.


Blue Heron in the weeds of the retention pond.

I got a slow start this morning. Unlike most mornings it actually created a minor issue. I wasn’t up in time to play reservation roulette on the Reserve America Web site. There were three sites available for booking at 8AM that I didn’t get a chance at booking. Tomorrow and Sunday there are two sites available. Monday has only one site available, but Tuesday morning there are several good sites. One of these mornings I’ll get a site as long as I get before 8AM.

This week following Easter is considered one of the busiest time for tourists in this area. It is second only to Christmas for tourist density at the area theme parks. When I left the RV park today, I tried to stay away from the high density traffic areas. I’m not sure if I succeeded. It took more than a half an hour to go four miles along the main highway in Kissimmee this afternoon. My mission was twofold. I wanted to see what had changed since I was last in the area in the fall of 2016 and I wanted to scout out a gas station to fill the RV when I leave here. I didn’t find any major changes to the businesses and attractions in the area. I found an expensive Marathon gas station that will work well for the motorhome. I’ll keep looking over the next week for a place that’s not ten cents a gallon higher than the others.


Clock in the center of the Old Town attraction. The road along the block in front and behind the clock is full of Camaro cars old and new .

This evening I walked up to the Old Town and Fun Spot amusement area on the main road in front of the campground. I have visited this attraction many times while staying in this area since 2015. They have added some new amusement rides for me to watch. Thrill rides are not my cup of tea. The biggest ride they’ve added is a new steel and wood roller coaster. It isn’t huge by modern standards, but like all of the rides it had lines of people waiting. Tonight was also Muscle Car night. They had many highly polished and cared for muscle cars on display and a band on the stage to entertain the crowds. Tomorrow night is the 28th Anniversary Classic Car Cruise, so I might walk up there again.


New wood and steel roller coaster at the Fun Spot amusement area. This is advertised as ” This coaster is the ONLY wooden coaster in Florida to go upside down!”


Two riders at the bottom of the 300 foot drop on the Skycoaster.

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