Keeping Up with the Weather

Tuesday April 3rd 2018

Today was a little warmer and just as humid as Monday. I’ve been resisting turning on the AC, but the humidity is taking a toll. By the time I finish breakfast the RV has warmed up enough that I’m dripping with sweet. Outside there is enough breeze to make it a little more tolerable. Getting motivated to walk around the park is hard, but once I’m out in the park it’s fine.



Between the natural variations in the weather and my moving around the country it’s hard to anticipate the weather changes. At the end of last year I was in the longest dry spell and record warmth in Las Vegas history. As I came across the country I ran into a long period of rainy but warmer weather in Texas and Louisiana. The month of February in Florida was above normal for temperature and below normal for rain. March in Florida was below normal in the temperature category. According to the TV weather talkers the first few days of April have followed a summer weather pattern more consistent with late May or June. I’m all confused and I haven’t started north yet.


This fish in the lake looks like it escaped from somebodies backyard fish pond.


This Armadillo never slowed down long enough to get a good picture.


I think this is a Marsh Rabbit.

I think the animals that live in the park are hiding out during the day to deal with the heat. On my midday walk I didn’t see any ground animals. Near sunset I saw more animals of all types including one I haven’t seen before. Near the lake I spotted a dark brown creature that looked like a rabbit. It wasn’t the right color and its ears looked smaller. After a little bit of internet searching, I think it’s a Marsh Rabbit.

Tomorrow is my last full day here. I have to make a grocery run and start to pick up and pack up for Thursday’s travel day.


Tonight’s sunset.


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