Last Day at Lake Manatee State Park

Wednesday April 4th 2018

Today was another day in the summer weather pattern. It started in the sixties which is a little cooler than the Tuesday. The high temperature was about the same in the low to mid 80s with the same high humidity. The clouds didn’t thicken as much and threaten rain as much. The bottom line is it was another beautiful day.


View to the east over Lake Manatee. The clouds seem thicker to the east.

I took a scouting trip along with a stop for groceries this afternoon. I checked out various gas stations for suitability to fill the motorhome tomorrow. The stations between here and the interstate don’t have the best access. I could get into a couple in a pinch, but it would really tie up the area while I was filling the tank. Today’s scouting mission was to check out the stations at the next exit north on Interstate 75. Once I got there I remembered having checked it out in 2016. It’s another one that would work if it wasn’t busy, but could be a real problem getting out of at a busy time. It’s not worth taking the risk. The last thing I want to have to do is disconnect the car so I can back up the RV.


I don’t think of cactus when I think of Florida. There are a number of these plants in bloom.


Bright yellow blossom.

I’ve only got one hundred miles to travel tomorrow. If necessary, I don’t have to buy gas at all. I’d arrive with less reserve than I’m comfortable with and the problem would still be there when I hit the road the next time. I’ll do a little bit of Google maps satellite view checking later this evening. Somewhere along Interstate 75 or Interstate 4 I should be able to find a good candidate.


“I’ll keep watch while you stick your head in there for some food.”

I took a couple more hikes and another bike ride today. The campground is filling up again. This time it is heavily occupied with tent campers. I guess this is the Florida spring camping season.


One last sunset from Lake Manatee State Park.

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