Another Day Recharging at Home with Nature

Monday April 2nd 2018

A gentle rain fell for about three hours last night. The TV weather people are calling this a summer weather pattern. That seems to translate to humid with an off shore breeze. Storms build inland through the day then decide where to dump the accumulated moisture as the evening approaches. Today started warm and humid around seventy and topped out in the low eighties. Off to the east in the inland direction tall dark clouds formed all day. They never seemed to move just continue to build. In the other direction toward the Gulf of Mexico the sky was generally clear.


Storm clouds building to the east.

I continue to function in RV living mode. There are a number of attractions in the area that I haven’t seen, but they aren’t enough to get me into tourist mode. RV living mode allows me to recharge my energy levels from being on the go the last month to Spring Training Baseball games. When I leave here on Thursday I’m going to central Florida for eleven nights which means tourist mode again.


Vulture watching from the top of a dead tree.


Swimming pair of ducks.

The other consideration is that I have reservations to be back in this area from the middle of December to the middle of January. I’m also planning on being back in this area next March for more spring training baseball. That means there should be plenty of opportunity to tour when conditions aren’t ideal for relaxing with nature. I really enjoy walking around this park looking for birds and animals. Today I saw my first alligator in the middle of this lake, but couldn’t get a very good picture.


Between walks I’ve been reading and doing more research for future travels. The reservation window for next March in this area is now open. So far, I haven’t had success with making a reservations at the opening of the daily reservation window at 8AM. Everybody is poised at their keyboard as the clock clicks down to get one of the limited number of available spaces. One of these mornings I will have success. Then I can fill in around that reservation like I did last April for this year.


With respect to this summers travels, I finally got the paper map out. Once again it provides a much better view of relationships and distances than online maps. Some of my ideas for summer travels are not practical. Vicksburg Mississippi is definitely too far south and most of Arkansas is also not practical. My focus is now in Kentucky and Tennessee. Stay tuned as my planning and reservation saga continues.

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