Easter at the Campground

Sunday April 1st 2018

Happy Easter

It was a beautiful sunny day with a high temperature in the low eighties, but for some reason it just started to rain as I’m writing this blog entry. Although it was sunny here, there were interesting cloud formations on the horizon in several directions during the day. It would seem one of those formations moved overhead after the sun went down.


There were many interesting cloud formations on the horizon today.

The state park was very busy today. This is my second visit to this park of more than a week each. I’ve never seen more than a few people or a small group using the picnic area. Today there were at least three groups of twenty or more and several smaller groups scattered around the picnic area and beach. One of the groups was playing instruments and singing. Another group seemed to be more into sports. It was good to see the area really getting used. The only problem was the activity interrupted my wildlife viewing around the picnic area.


This little three inch “lizard” really looks like a dragon in this photo.


Is this bird sleeping on the pillar?


This tortoise was bigger than the others I’ve seen. It also was shinier. I don’t know if it’s the same species as the others I’ve seen.


Redheaded bird at the top of a dead tree. It may be a woodpecker.

Over at the boat launching area there were more picnics going on. Most of these had fishing as the common activity. There was a full parking lot of boat trailers and the docks were lined with people fishing. I’ve yet to see anyone catch a fish, but the lake is advertised as a “managed” fishing resource.


This blossom is on a ground cactus.

In the campground there were also a number of gatherings going on at various campsites. Most of these were extended family sized groups. I think some people paid for an additional day so they didn’t have to leave by the 1PM checkout. Late this afternoon a number of sites were empty that weren’t earlier in the afternoon.


My Easter dinner. 

My big event for the day was cooking my Easter dinner. I bought a slice of ham earlier in the week. Today I prepared some scallop potatoes and some fresh carrots to go with it. This meal is a little bit of a challenge in my small kitchen. I needed the Microwave/Convection oven for two of the three components. The scallop potatoes needed the Convection part of the oven and the ham needed the microwave part. Boiling the carrots on the stove was the simple part of the meal.


Sunset reflected on clouds to the east. This is probably the weather system that moved in after dark.


Tonight’s sunset.

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