Weather Induced Lethargy

Saturday March 31st 2018

It was a strange weather day. Sometime overnight the cold front moved into the area. It didn’t drop any rain in this area, although some areas got a little rain. The TV weather talkers say the front has stalled and is dissipating. What that seems to mean is heavy clouds, humid and the sense that it may rain at any moment. Late in the day we got an hour or two of sunshine before the clouds returned. While the sun was out it was very warm. The rest of the day was in the seventies when protected from the wind. On the shore of the lake the wind made it uncomfortable to stand around.

My activity level was slowed by the dreary day. By the time I got up from the breakfast table it was afternoon and I only had a cup of coffee and some toast. Most of my time was spent chasing random information on the Internet and watching obscure TV. How’s that for a mindless morning? After a walk to the lake and back, I considered leaving the park, but didn’t have a specific destination in mind. Instead I made a pizza for an early supper.


The Neurotic Cardinal through the dirty passenger side window.

The only out of the ordinary thing today was more study of my Neurotic Cardinal visitor. He was back a couple of times today. Looking at him closely through the window, he really is a pretty bird. The deep red breast and yellow/orange beak really stand out. After he harasses the side of the RV for a while he flies into the trees and serenades the neighborhood with a pretty song. I think I’ve even seen the female cardinal in the trees, but she isn’t as colorful.

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