Travel Research Day

Friday March 30th 2018

Today’s was a weather transition day. The day started sunny and ended cloud covered. In between it was warm and humid. A cold front from the northwest is scheduled to pass through the area overnight. A little rain would be nice for the forest fire danger.


Clouds moving in across the lake this morning.

I spent time today doing research on the computer for my summer travels. Between now and Memorial day I’ve got an idea of my travel plans. They end at the Escapee’s RV club Escapade in the middle of Missouri the last week in May. I’m working on June and July.


This little guy spent some time on my picnic table watching me.


This Gopher Tortoise was moving fast enough to beat a hare.


A hungry Armadillo.

So far I’ve made the tentative decision that Missouri will be the northwestern extent of my travels this summer. I will not go further west or north of Missouri. That leaves Missouri, Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and maybe Mississippi as possible touring locations. They are all states I don’t know a lot about. I also don’t expect to see more than a few of the areas in only six to eight weeks using my regular travel approach of staying in one location for a week or two.


A pair of ducks in the lake this evening.

Today I did a little research on the obvious places like St Louis, Branson, Nashville and Memphis. Only Nashville had enough things of interest to warrant a stay longer than a couple of nights. I could visit Memphis on the way to Nashville then stop in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN. That whole idea would only take three or four weeks, so I need other ideas to fill out a travel plan.

Another thought was to put a focus on visiting Civil War battlefields this summer. I’m already planning a stop in Chattanooga TN on my way north in early May. I could dip down to Vicksburg MS in June, then visit the Shiloh TN battlefield in July. In August I’ve considered stopping at the Antietam battlefield in Maryland and Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. There are many other Civil War sites that I could add to the mix along the way. I’m still a long way from a plan and time is getting short.


Two Turkey Vultures in a dead tree.


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