Lazy Day at the State Park

Wednesday March 28th 2018

It was another great day with a high temperature around eighty. The wind was lighter and more easterly than yesterday and there were a few more high puffy clouds. Even the overnight was warmer. The day started in the sixties this morning.


Two guys getting a sailboat ready to launch.


Sailboat with both sails up out on the lake more than an hour and a half later.

Maybe it was the warmer start to the day that caused me to get a very slow start. It was more than an hour late getting out of bed this morning. Breakfast also took longer than normal. Slow and lazy seemed to be the theme for the day. During my first walk of the day I discovered a couple of guys getting a sailboat ready to launch at the boat launch area. They had just raised the mast on the trailer-able sailboat when I arrived. I hung around and watched them finish getting it ready to launch. I took more than an hour and a half for them to get all of the guide wires tight then put the sails on. If it takes that long every time they launch and recover the boat, how do they have any time for sailing. This lake does not allow docks or moorings. It was close to one in the afternoon by the time they were out on the lake. When I returned to the boat launch area around four they had already departed.


There are thousands of these little critters around the area.

I took three walk/hikes today. In between the walks around the state park I read, watched TV and ate to offset any advantage gained by the exercise. It was not a good day for seeing wildlife. The most interesting creature was one of the little gecko like things that are very prevalent on everything. This one sneaked up on me while I was watching the sailboat preparation.

My last hike of the day was to catch the sunset and watch the moon get brighter as the sky got darker. The second full moon of the month is Saturday.


Tonight’s sunset.

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