The Crazy Cardinal’s Cousin

Tuesday March 27th 2018

Today’s weather was great. The temperature peaked in the low 80s with a steady breeze out of the east. It makes for a very comfortable day. The only down side is it raises the fire danger. This is fire season in Florida. There are currently a number of forest fires in the southern half of the state, but none of them are real close to my location.


The Neurotic Cardinal on my rear view mirror. This picture was taken through the window and the sun screen.

This morning at breakfast I was entertained by the Crazy Cardinals cousin. At my campsite in Myakka River State Park a cardinal was intent on running into the side of my RV. Every day for more than a week he’d attack the windows and the side of the RV. His cousin here at Lake Manatee State Park is a little more sane. This one is only neurotic. He lands on my rear view mirror and starts pecking at the chrome surround. He’s only made a couple of runs at the windows. Either way he’s making as much noise as his cousin. What’s with this species?


My mission today was close to mild torture. I went shopping, not buying. When you live in a fixed location you learn where to buy what. When you change locations all the time you have to discover where to buy things. Even when you’re familiar with the area and the stores, you don’t really know the specifics.

During the thirty plus years I lived in New Hampshire, I bought most of my shoes in about three total places. Since I’ve been on the road I haven’t had much success buying shoes. I’ve bought three pairs of shoes in the last year and a half. None of them have held up to the wear and tear of a largely outdoors lifestyle. Two pairs of shoes that I started this journey with have held up better, but they are on their last threads and treads.

Today I went to a big outlet mall in the area. It had plenty of shoe stores, but very few walking shoes, athletic shoes or whatever that met my needs. Maybe styles have evolved faster than my tastes. I don’t want to wear colors brighter than a cartoon peacock on my feet. When I did find something marginally usable, the pricing structure made it unappealing. The outlet mall stores seemed to like buy one get one fifty percent off pricing. To get a decent price, I’d need to find two pairs of shoes to buy. I’m still looking.


Gopher Tortoise spotted on one of my walks.

After stopping at Walmart for groceries, I returned to camp. A hike and a bike ride filled out the day. Thank you for reading my shopping rant.


Tonight’s sunset.


Setting sun through the Spanish moss.


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