Lazy Day at Home

Monday March 26th 2018

Fog settled in before midnight last night and tried hard to hang on until late morning today. The sun was out bright around 7:30, but by 9:30 the clouds were touching the tree tops. Eventually it became a mostly sunny day with a strong northeast wind. The temperature peaked around eighty.


Little yellow flower along the side of the lake.

After two weeks of busy days filled with spring training baseball, shopping and errands today turned out to be a lazy day at home. In between walks and bicycle rides around the park, I got in plenty of TV watching and a few naps. There are plenty of things I need and want to do while I’m staying at this location, but they will have to wait until tomorrow and the days to follow. This was a recharge the batteries kind of day.


This armadillo came out of the brush beside my site this afternoon to entertain while he searched for some lunch.

Since I moved in on Saturday I’ve been hearing something moving around in the thick brush beside my site. Today it revealed itself to be an Armadillo. This was at the top of my list of suspects. It came out of the brush and dug around the perimeter of the site looking for bugs. I watched it go about its business for several minutes. When it gets busy it can dig a rather large hole quickly. These armored creatures are very interesting to study, but they aren’t exactly pretty creatures. In some ways they look prehistoric.


The lake waters were very rough today.

The wind made the water on the lake very rough. Trying to stand on the floating docks at the boat launch was a balancing act. The people fishing in boats gave up early in the afternoon. The few boats I saw during my morning walk were all gone when I returned to the waters edge on my afternoon walk. I didn’t see any water birds today. They were probably on the far shore protected from the wind.


Sun setting through the trees.


Sun setting through the Spanish moss.


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