Exploring Lake Manatee State Park

Sunday March 25th 2018

Today was a “little more” kind of day. It was a little warmer, a little more humid, a little more windy and there was a little more cloud cover. Overall it was a very nice day.


This bird thinks it owns the pillar in Lake Manatee.

This blog entry will be short. I didn’t take a lot of pictures today and I didn’t have any great experiences. I spent most of the day exploring the park. Other than the lake, the scenery isn’t that spectacular. The occasional wildlife enhances the experience. Today, on one of the trails through an area that burnt a few years ago, I flushed a covey of quail. I was probably more startled than the birds were afraid. You really don’t know what you’ll see next. I’ve heard several larger than a squirrel size animals in the low palms near my campsite. Whatever is making the noise, it didn’t care about sneaking up on anything. Hopefully I’ll learn what’s making the noise during the next ten days of my stay at this state park. I just hope the encounter is on my terms.

Late in the day today I drove along the road near the beaches with the thought of stopping. Good thing it was only a thought. The area was full to overflowing complete with law enforcement stopping and directing traffic. A loop from one bridge south to the next bridge took more than forty five minutes with the traffic. I think I found the spring breakers down here. I’ll make another attempt on a week day. The problem then may be getting through the traffic between the interstate and the beach.


Hibiscus picture  du jour.


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