Travel Day to Lake Manatee State Park

Saturday March 24th 2018

The warming trend continued today. The starting temperature this morning was a few degrees higher at 57 inside my RV home. By the end of the day the temperature was around eighty with light winds. The rising trend is forecast to continue into the new week.


My RV home on site 14 at the Lake Manatee State Park.

Today I said good-bye to the entertaining annoying Crazy Cardinal. He’ll have to follow me about 20 miles north as a bird flies if he wants to continue banging into the side of my RV home. I’ve relocated about fifty minutes north to the Lake Manatee State Park east of Bradenton FL. I’ve been here before in December of 2016.

I had plenty of time to get ready to travel this morning so I took one last bicycle ride to the Myakka River. It was still cool so the alligators weren’t cooperating. They were swimming or floating in the river instead of taking the morning sun on the river bank. Overall, my last bicycle ride at Myakka River State Park only lasted fifteen or twenty minutes. I was back to packing again. My goal was to leave around 12:30 before the 1PM checkout time. I didn’t want to arrive at my destination until after 1PM. I departed my site at 12:20 and the park in general at 12:30 so I’d say I was successful. The trip up Interstate 75 was uneventful.


This Armadillo was foraging in the picnic area this afternoon.

Lake Manatee is a man made lake formed by a dam on the Manatee River. It is used as a water supply for Manatee and Sarasota counties. The state park is between the south side of the lake and Florida route 64. In addition to the campground there is a picnic area and a boat launching area. Boats are restricted to less than 20hp motors. That aligns with the primary recreational use of the lake; fishing.


A pair of ducks in Lake Manatee.

I’ll be here for twelve nights. I could have stayed for two weeks, but I picked the odd length of stay to get back onto a non weekend travel pattern. I don’t like arriving and departing campgrounds on weekends. Travel can be better but the congestion in the campgrounds is usually more complicated.

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