Red Sox vs. Orioles Spring Training Game

Thursday March 22nd 2018

The inside temperature was in the low fifties when I got up this morning. I turned on the heat pump for a little while to make it comfortable to sit and eat breakfast. It was windy and cool all day. If you weren’t in the sun you really needed warm clothing.


This bunny came to visit while I was having breakfast. I took a quick picture through the front window.

During breakfast this morning some of the local wildlife “entertained” me. One of the local bunny rabbits spent some time hopping around my campsite. He was fun to watch, but the return of the “Crazy Cardinal” was more annoying than entertaining. This cardinal keeps attacking the windows and side of my RV. He charges head first into the side, bounces back and repeats until he falls to the ground. A little while later he’s back in the bushes preparing to try again. I don’t think it’s his reflection that get’s him excited. I’ve used a bright flashlight to shine into his path with no impact. My head has been within six inches of the glass as I watch him. He heads right for my head. This behavior has me mystified.


Red Sox taking batting practice an hour and a half before the game.

Today’s spring training baseball game was in Sarasota. The Boston Red Sox were playing the Baltimore Orioles at the Orioles spring home. Unlike yesterday in Port Charlotte, the Red Sox showed up in time to take batting practice. Watching BP from left field made it impossible to identify the players, but the fly balls landing all around made it interesting. The kids big and little scrambled to get the balls. I scrambled to stay out of the way of the ball and the people.

The Red Sox were in the lead until the sixth inning. The Boston relief pictures allowed six runs in the bottom of the sixth inning. The prospects for both teams took over in the seventh and neither team scored again. The final score was Orioles 10, Red Sox 7 each team had two errors. The score keepers could easily have called several other botched plays errors.


Hibiscus picture of the day. 

Tomorrow I’m going to attend my last spring training game for this year. It will be back in Sarasota. The Tampa Bay Rays are playing the Baltimore Orioles. I hope it’s a little warmer weather.

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