Mets vs. Orioles Spring Training Game

Sunday March 18th 2018

Today’s weather was another incremental improvement from the day before. It was a sunny day with a gentle breeze. The temperature topped out around eighty from a start in the fifties.


Mets taking batting practice at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota Fl.

Today I went to another spring training baseball game in Sarasota. The New York Mets were in town to play the Baltimore Orioles. More players from the major league roster started this game. The prospects weren’t brought into the game until the late innings. To the delight of the New York fans sitting around me, the Mets won the game five to four. The Orioles had the tying run on third base in the bottom of the ninth, but that’s where the player was at the end of the game. This was one of the better baseball games I’ve seen this spring training. It wasn’t the most entertaining though. Home runs, errors and strange plays make a more entertaining game.


This evening I caught up on some of the chores around my RV home. I got lucky and the washer and drier here at the state park weren’t being used. I managed to get a load of wash done. I have clean clothes to wear again. The laundry hamper was getting full to over flowing.


Great Blue Heron eating lunch.

Tomorrow I’m going back to Bradenton FL for another game. The Minnesota Twins will be playing the Pirates.


Mr. Gator swimming in the Myakka river.

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