Twins Vs. Rays Spring Training Game

Thursday March 15th 2018

It was cooler than normal again last night. It was in the forties when I got up this morning. Once again I was forced to turn on some heat to be comfortable while I ate breakfast. The temperature peaked around 70, but if you were in the direct sun out of the wind it felt a lot warmer.


Minnesota Twins taking batting practice


Charlotte Sports Park from right field.

I drove about forty miles to the Charlotte Sports Park in Port Charlotte. The Minnesota Twins were playing the Tampa Bay Rays. The sports park is the spring training home for the Rays. I attended a game between the Red Sox and the Rays at the sports park last week. There wasn’t a sellout crowd today, so the parking situation was a little better. It still was a challenge getting out of the parking lot after the game. I ended up cutting across the parking field on the diagonal to bypass a few lines of cars. This was the very behavior I muttered a few choice words about last week watching others.

The Twins won the game. They took advantage of some sloppy play by the Rays. There were only a few errors, but poor execution, lack of hustle and a few times that the fielders were in the wrong position made the for the overall outcome in the Twins favor. It was an enjoyable game, but really can’t be called a good game.


Twins at bat. The Rays are in light blue and the Twins are in dark blue uniforms.

At spring training games there is a mix of fans for both teams along with people like me that don’t have a team of preference. Listening to the cheers and commentary in the stands around you is fun. You can hear the “experts” on each team describing the situation with a very biased position. Some people sound like coaches or parents of little league players. The good thing is that the outcome of the game doesn’t matter, so most people don’t get overly excited about the play on the field.

When I got back to my campsite at Myakka River State Park, I checked in on the resident alligators in the river. The group on the bank near the bridge had a more menacing appearance tonight. Two of them had their mouths open showing their teeth. I wonder if that means their bellies were full?


The alligators in the Myakka River late in the day.


Close up of the alligators with their teeth showing.

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