Braves vs. Pirates Spring Training Game

Friday March 16th 2018

It was a few degrees warmer by the end of the day today. The temperature peaked in the low seventies, but the day started in the low forties inside my RV. Once again it was necessary to turn on the heat to comfortably eat breakfast. Considering that the sun will bring the temperature inside up into the eighties or nineties, it seems like a wast of energy to turn on the heat.


LEMCO park in Bradenton FL. The Braves are taking batting practice.

Today’s spring training game was in Bradenton FL. While technically only the next town north of Sarasota, it is still a long way with many traffic signals, or a longer way away using the highway still with traffic lights. It took almost as much time to get to LEMCO park in Bradenton as it did getting to the Charlotte Sports Complex in Port Charlotte yesterday. Coming home had the added complication of Friday end of the work week traffic.

LMCO park in Bradenton is the spring training home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. They are celebrating fifty years of spring training in Bradenton. Today they were playing the Atlanta Braves. The game was a home run hitting exposition by both teams. There was also a triple and a couple of doubles. The final score was 12 to 9 in favor of the home team.


The parrot mascot of the Pittsburgh Pirates waking in front of the visiting dugout before the game.

The park was last updated in 2013 with the addition of a boardwalk around the outfield. Fans can sit or stand along the boardwalk to watch the game or enjoy a drink and some food from one of the many vendors. The biggest problem with the park is its location in downtown Bradenton. Most of the available parking is in the parking lots of businesses in the surrounding area.

The park also has an avian family living at the top of one of the light poles. I couldn’t get a good picture, or a close enough view to be sure, but I think a family of bald eagles is living in a nest at the top of the center field lights. A family of big birds are definitely living there and I think I could see a white head and dark body at one point during the game. I never caught a bird entering or leaving the nest. I was there to see a ball game after all.

Tomorrow’s game is back in Sarasota. The Blue Jays are in town to play the Orioles.

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