Yankees vs. Orioles Spring Training Game

Wednesday March 14th 2018

Weather wise today was a clone of yesterday. The temperature topped out around seventy with lots of breeze. Activity wise today was a complete opposite of yesterday. I spent the day out of the State Park at a baseball spring training game.


Yankees taking batting practice before the game.

Today was the first of a series of days that will be filled with baseball. I went to a New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles game at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota. The Orioles have called Sarasota home since 2010. They seem to have a strong local following. There were also more than a few Yankee fans in attendance at the sold out game.


The game lasted three hours. There was a lot of action on the base pads. I think only one half inning was a 1-2-3 out inning. The Orioles won 7 to 4. Both teams used a lot of prospects along with a few veteran players. The Orioles prospects, particularly the pitchers, had better results.


Getting to and from the stadium required dealing with Sarasota traffic. It is not for the faint of heart. The city streets are pretty much a grid of long straight roads in a checkerboard pattern. Every two or three blocks has a traffic light that always seems to be red. Four major east west roads bring traffic in from Interstate 75 about five miles to the Tamiami trail (US41) which is the main north south route along the Florida gulf coast south of St. Petersburg. Gross level navigation is easy once you know these roads, but the devil is in the details. The stadium isn’t on any of those major roads.


It was a full house.

My biggest problem is that I don’t drive in traffic as much as I used to. It takes patience and attention that I need to turn on. Driving in open country particularly out west is such a different experience. The traffic I experienced today was not as bad as Las Vegas was earlier this winter. I didn’t see as many aggressive, impatient acts by other drivers. It just takes a mindset change that I need to make.

Tomorrow is another spring training game. This one is back in Port Charlotte at the spring home of the Tampa Bay Rays. It will be about a forty mile drive.

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