More Exploring at Myakka River State Park

Tuesday March 13th 2018

This area of Florida is at the southern end of the weather system that is dumping lots of snow on New England. Down here it’s just unseasonably cool. It was in the forties when I got up this morning. My campsite has trees to the east, so it doesn’t get full sun in the morning. I was forced to turn on the heat for a little while. The sun warmed the RV later in the day, but the outside temperature didn’t even reach seventy.


Nature walk through the Palm and Oak hardwood hammock.

I spent most of the day continuing to explore the Myakka River State Park. A short bicycle ride up the park road from my campsite is a Canopy Walkway and nature walk. That is where I started my exploration today. The nature walk is through a high area in the surrounding wet lands known as a hammock. There are both palm trees and hardwood trees in this hammock. The surrounding wetland is not very wet this time of year. During the rainy season the water often invades the area of the nature walk, but right now even the wetlands are pretty dry. It was a quiet walk, with lots of nice scenery. The only thing I missed was seeing some wildlife. I saw a squirrel or two and heard a few birds, but nothing out of the ordinary.


Marsh area that is dry now, but would be flooded in the rainy season.


Canopy walk bridge.

The Canopy walk was interesting, but seemed to be a pointless use of donated money. There are two wood towers about a hundred feet apart with a cable bridge suspended between them. I’d estimate the bridge is thirty feet off the ground, but it is still well below the top of the trees. One of the towers goes up an additional twenty or thirty feet above the trees. There was a line waiting to go up the additional distance on the taller tower and I didn’t wait. It is a narrow stair case that people have to come back down. I wonder if the facility was designed to be a zip line that didn’t get completed.


Tram loaded up getting ready to start the tour.


Boat tour heading out into the river/lake.

From the canopy walk area I continued my ride out to the concession area on the lake. The tour boat and tram were loading up when I arrived. Today I remembered to take some pictures. The parking lot was full and overflowing. Cars were also parked along the entry road. Both the tour boat and the tram were full and many people were in line at the ticket window for the next tours. Other than the cool temperature it was a beautiful sunshiny day.


Great Blue Heron out in the middle of the river/lake.


Great Blue Heron walking across part of the Myakka river.

I made one other bicycle ride late in the day to the bridge over the Myakka River. I wanted to see if the visible wildlife was any different late in the day. The only thing different that I noted was more alligators were in the water rather than on the bank.


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