Travel Day to Myakka River State Park

Saturday March 10th 2018

Today was moving day. I relocated about 70 miles to the Myakka River State Park east of Sarasota Florida. By road, it was around 115 miles in about two hours.

The sun was out this morning, but the forecast was for rain. This was one of those short travel days going from an early checkout time to a place that has a much later checkout time. I slow rolled my departure preparations with some more boat watching in the locks and managed to depart right at the 11am checkout time. Even traveling well below the speed limit, I arrived at Myakka River State Park right at their checkout time of 1PM. The published check-in time is 3PM, but I didn’t have any problem checking in a few minutes after 1PM. Normally I would have stopped at a rest area on the way to kill some time, but the only one on my route was closed.


My RV home on site 66 in the Palmetto Ridge campground at the Myakka River State Park. It was just starting to rain as I snapped this picture.

I have a long pull through site in the Palmetto Ridge campground in the state park. I’ll be here for two weeks. The rain held off a few minutes, but not quite long enough. It started to rain gently before I was finished setting up. It was in the mid seventies, so a little water wasn’t a big deal. The area really needs the rain to alleviate some of the fire danger.


Site 66 is a long pull through with plenty of room to park your car. Mine fits fine behind the rig.

The rain prevented me from doing any touring of the park today. This is one of the older and bigger Florida State Parks. It has many different types of terrain surrounding the meandering Myakka River. In that terrain is a wide variety of wildlife including many alligators. I’m looking forward to checking out the park from my bicycle and on foot. Tomorrow is forecast to have occasional showers. That should allow me to get started exploring the park.

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