Last Day at Ortona South Campground

Friday March 9th 2018

I think the weather forecasters got today wrong. They had predicted a warmer day than yesterday. It was at best the same temperature as yesterday. The wind was out of the northeast instead of the northwest. This made it more difficult to find areas out of the wind. Late in the day the wind died down and it started to warm up, but sunset arrived first. It is not forecast to get as cold tonight.


Two boats entering the lock from the west.


I’m sure this boat hasn’t been to its listed home port of Fairbanks Alaska. It probably hasn’t even been on the west coast of the continent.

This is my last day at the Army Corp of Engineers Ortona South Campground. I’ve really enjoyed my stay here and will certainly come back. It is not a good location for visiting the cities on either coast, but is a great place to relax. I spent more time watching boats pass through the lock and taking pictures of the wildlife.


The Little Blue Heron was back picking up some food.


This turtle was at full stretch.


This Martin House seems to be full of Swallows.

I finally got a better idea on what the fishermen are trying to catch. The Snook season in this area open at the beginning of March. I saw one caught that didn’t meet the criteria as a keeper. They have to be between 28 and 33 inches in size. You need a special permit with your fishing license to catch Snook. Snook is just one more variety of fish that I don’t know anything about. Up north I know a little bit about the species of fish that are available to be caught. Down here it’s a big learning curve. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been hesitant about getting a license and fishing.


Black smoke to the east this afternoon.

This area has a Red Flag warning in place. The low humidity, dry conditions and wind make fire danger very high. When I checked in last week the attendant told me that my car should always be backed in to facilitate evacuation. There have been several big forest fires in Collier county south of here. Earlier in the week, when the wind was out of the south, some of the smoke came through this area. This afternoon, not too far to the east, a lot of black smoke appeared. Whatever it was went away within an hour or so, but with all of the warnings, it sure got my attention.

Tomorrow I’m moving up to the Sarasota and Bradenton area for the rest of the month. I’ll be able to attend more spring training games and get some service items completed on my car. It is not a long distance, but I need to kill time so I don’t get there before my site is ready. I will probably stop at the rest area on Interstate 75 for a long lunch. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the availability of cell service and internet access at my next stop. If I can’t get online from my campsite, the blog will be delayed until I leave the park every day or so.


One last sunset along the canal at the Ortona South Campground.

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