Exploring Myakka River State Park

Sunday March 11th 2018

With the return to Daylight Savings Time, sunrise was at 7:42 this morning. It wasn’t visible. Yesterday’s rain left a heavy overnight cloud cover that didn’t break until after noon. The humidity continued all day and the temperature peaked just short of eighty. The dreary day made getting started this morning difficult.


Tree lined park road.

Around 10AM I set out on a walk to explore the area. I couldn’t find any nearby trails, so I followed the road further into the park. About a half mile into the park the Myakka River crosses the park road. At the bridge, I found birds, gators and tourists. Everybody stops to see the alligators on the banks of the river. I was more impressed with the birds. In particular one football sized brown bird with white spots that was making a racket. Later when I looked it up I discovered it was probably a Limkin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before.


Limpkin ?


Alligators line the bank of the Myakka River.


This Alligator seems to like to be alone.

Once I was back at camp, I got busy making my bicycle ready for use. It’s pretty clear that walking is not the best way to get around this large park. Unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting my bicycle. It has been following me around the country, but hasn’t gotten much use. It needed some cleaning, a lot of oil and some air in the tires. This afternoon I took a test ride up the park road about 2 miles and back. I discovered two things. First, I need to adjust the front brake. It’s dragging. The second thing is my bicycle riding muscles need some conditioning.




After I grilled a chicken breast for lunch, I caught up on the hour of sleep I lost to the time change. It wasn’t a planned nap, but the heat, humidity and full stomach had an impact. Florida has this bright idea to stay on Daylight Savings Time year round. The legislature has passed a law to that end. The US Congress needs to support it with a change to some of the interstate commerce laws. Now that there is an actual chance it will happen, people are starting to question the impact. The biggest concern is sending kids to school in the dark during winter.

A cold front is supposed to pass through tomorrow. The forecast has a high probability of rain followed by temperatures in the sixties for most of the week. If it’s dry I’ll explore more of the park. Otherwise, I’ve got errands to run in Sarasota.

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