After the Cold Front

Thursday March 8th 2018

The results of yesterday’s cold front were apparent today. It never got out of the sixties all day. On top of the cool temperature was a strong wind out of the northwest. It was a long sleeves or sweatshirt kind of day.


This boat holds the honor of getting me out of the RV to check it out.


Waiting to pass through the lock westbound.

The cooler temperature lowered my energy level. I spent all morning with my breakfast coffee and the TV. I kept an eye out the window for boats passing through the locks. Traffic in the canal was also slow today. Around noon I spotted the first interesting boat of the day to transit the canal. It was sufficiently interesting to get me out of the RV.


This hawk was having a hard time holding on to the palm tree in the wind.


This little blue heron was back today. It is sheltered from the wind and can find plenty of things to eat.

During the afternoon the sun was clear of the clouds most of the time. If you could find a place out of the wind and in the sun it was comfortable and warm. While I was walking around the park I saw fewer people today. Most people were inside their RVs or huddled up out of the wind. Even the number of people fishing was down.


This ultra light plane went by just before dark. The wind wasn’t too strong at that time. I hope it had landed before the strong gusts returned.

Most days there are at least a half dozen people fishing. On the weekend there were twenty or more at one time. Today, the most I saw was three people fishing from one of the piers. They weren’t doing any better than any other day. For all the fishing going on, I have only seen two or three fish caught. That’s surprising given the large number of fish you can see in the water.

Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer after a very cool start. The overnight low is expected to be around forty. It may be even cooler. At 9:30PM, as I’m writing this blog entry, I’ve had to turn the electric fireplace on to take off the chill that is developing in the RV.


Tonight’s sunset.

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