Travel Day to Lake City Florida

Saturday February 24th 2018

I got an early start to the day. One of my neighbors knocked on my door at 7AM to say good-bye. I don’t know if I was awake. The noise he was making while he prepared to leave had woken me earlier and I’d turned on my bedroom TV. I do know I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet.

I had breakfast and picked up the inside before switching to work on the outside. The early start had me out of sync so I was being very deliberate. I didn’t want to forget any of tasks necessary to safely get underway. By the time I was ready to leave shortly before 10AM there were only about twenty rigs left in the field.


Wide open road. Interstate 10 on the Florida pan handle.

It was a long travel day. I had a little less than 275 miles to travel. My stop for gas early in the trip took longer than usual. The pump was very slow. It took more than a half an hour to maneuver to the pump and add 43.5 gallons to the tank. The next complication to the travel day was psychological. I lost an hour when I returned to the eastern time zone. Looking at the time after that made me think I’d been on the road longer.

The last complication to the travel day was a wrong turn. I’ve been to this campground several times before so I wasn’t as prepared as I normally would be. I got off Interstate 10 one exit too early. It amounted to a fifteen to twenty mile trip around a very big block. The road was narrow with ditches on both sides and no parking lots to turn around in. I found a route heading back to Interstate 75 before I found a place to turn around. Hence, the big block I traveled.


Site 46 at the Lake City Campground.

Once I got inland it was a nice travel day. The sun was out and the temperature was in the low eighties. The road across the Florida pan handle is over gently rolling hills with mature trees lining the sides. It was a windy day but in this type of terrain it doesn’t have the impact it does in the wide open west. You only feel the full impact of the wind when you are passing big openings in the forest.


Some of my new neighbors. I don’t think these “guys” will be knocking on my door tomorrow morning.

I arrived at the Lake City Campground shortly before 4PM Eastern Standard Time. It was less than five hours elapsed time, but it seemed like I’d been on the road for longer. I haven’t fully setup camp since I’m moving on in the morning. Tomorrow will be a shorter travel day of only about a hundred and fifty miles.

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