Travel to Lake Louisa State Park

Sunday February 25th 2018

Today started a little slower than yesterday. Nobody was knocking at my door to say goodbye before I managed to get out of bed. Instead I slept until around 8AM before complicating my own morning. There was a little mishap in the coffee brewing process. I use a single cup drip coffee maker for my morning coffee. It’s usually very simple; add a scoop of coffee, a mug of water, put the mug under the drip and turn it on. Guess what happens when you forget to put the mug under the drip. Luckily I keep the coffee maker on a tray with a half inch lip. The entire mug of coffee was in the tray.


Site 14 at Lake Louisa State Park.

We are in the middle of an abnormally high temperature spell in Florida. The last couple of days have been in the mid 80s with high humidity. I got packed up this morning before it got too bad, but setting up later in the day was uncomfortable. I think it is more of a conditioning issue. I haven’t been in 80 plus degree temperatures since early December in Las Vegas and I haven’t been in heat and humidity since sometime last summer.

Today’s travel wasn’t particularly long, but traffic was heavy. Most of the trip was down interstate 75. There was a continuous line of trucks and RVs in the right lane. Which wouldn’t be a problem if all of us wanted to travel at the same speed. Instead a creative game of hopscotch resulted. When you add in plenty of car traffic dodging in and around everybody it becomes a challenge to drive. At least once I had to hit the brakes to avoid a car entering the highway that things merge means “get out of my way I coming in.” In lighter traffic I could have moved over a lane.

The last fifteen miles was on US 27. It had a different set of problems. You just get up toward the speed limit and there is another traffic light. Once again my brakes got more use than I’d like. It was nothing dramatic, just hard enough stops that things move around in the rig.

I arrived at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont FL around 1PM. I’ll be here until Wednesday. Getting situated on the site required disconnecting the car and backing the motorhome into the site. That’s pretty normal. The complication was there wasn’t a good place to disconnect the car and parking off the sloping part of the site took a few extra maneuvers. My RV home is parked at the very back to the site, but it is well separated from my neighbors. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much distance to the next site.


Sunset over Dixie Lake.



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