Final Day of the Rally

Friday February 23rd 2018

It was very foggy and damp overnight. The fog lifted into a dense cloud cover most of the day. I thought it was likely to start raining at any minute. Near the end of the day the sun made an attempt to break through, but it hadn’t won the battle by night fall. The temperature peaked at seventy five during the day. The dampness and breeze made it seem cooler.


Sun trying to come out late in the otherwise cloudy day.

This was the last day of the Passport America Home Again Mega Rally. It was a lightly scheduled day. One seminar on Fire Safety and the doggie parade were the high points on the morning schedule. This afternoon the closing event was an Ice Cream social. Many people left today. My neighbor got an early start. They packed up and pulled out around 7:30. I think they started departure preparations around 6AM. Others departed at various times all day. The last few of today’s departures pulled out after the Ice Cream around four. I’d guess a third of the attendees have departed.

I leave in the morning. I’m going to travel further than I’d like. Not willing to take a chance on finding a place without a reservation, I’ve made one in Lake City Florida. It’s about 265 miles east. It is a location that I’ve stopped at before that I was pretty certain would have openings. It was my planned fallback position. Two other places east of Tallahassee at around 175 to 200 miles didn’t have any openings. I’ll spend the night in Lake City then travel south to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont for three nights before moving another 140 miles south for ten days. I am moving back into Baseball Spring Training game watching mode.

Overall I liked this rally. Its size and pace was about right. It provided an outlet for social interaction when I wanted and was big enough that I could dissolve into the background when needed. I also didn’t see any major chapter or clique bias in the participants. That’s often a problem at big rallies. Getting three meals with entertainment was a nice relief from my own cooking too.

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