Rally day 3 and more travel planning

Thursday February 22nd 2018

The early morning fog lifted to some sun, but it didn’t last long. The middle part of the day was heavily cloud covered. Toward the end of the day the clouds gave way to a sunny conclusion. Overall the temperature got into the mid seventies.


View of all the rigs at the Northwest Florida Fairgrounds for the Passport America Mega Rally. I still haven’t heard a count for the number of RVs. I did my own count and came up with 110.

My day started with coffee in the rally assembly hall. I sat in on a seminar on recording your RV travels in video. It really was a commercial for a dash camera that has been packaged and marketed as an RV specific camera. The presenter was providing some good information along with his sales pitch. Most, if not all, of the information was not new for me. While I never really caught him providing incorrect information, occasionally it was an overly simple answer. I’m not sure if the response was adapted to his audience or if it reflect his depth of understanding. I’ve considered getting and using a dash camera to document my travels so I was very interested. In the end, I believe I can get as good a camera for less from Amazon. It just won’t be branded and slightly tailored for RVs.

I spent the middle part of the day hanging around my RV home doing some more research and travel planning. It started with investigating Saturday night’s stop. I have close to four hundred miles to travel to arrive at my Sunday reservation in Clermont Florida. Leaving a rally like this may take extra time Saturday morning. I also loose an hour transitioning back into the Eastern Time Zone. With those factors in mind, I want to travel less than two hundred miles. I’m looking at places just east of Tallahassee. I’ve found a couple of options. I’ll lock one in tomorrow.

After Saturday, I have reservations through the fifth of April. I want to spend most of April in Florida. The question I haven’t answered yet is do I head for the southern part of the state or spend some time in the Orlando area. It’s an Everglades vs. Disney battle. Reservations in the south are not a problem. It will already be too hot for some down there. The central Florida area is more complicated. I’ll have to stay in a resort style campground that has high rates for the Spring break crowds. There are sites available but at premium prices.

Once I leave Florida the last week in April, I have a good idea of my travel route, just not a lot of reservations yet. Two of the campgrounds I’ve scoped out in the northern states don’t take short term reservations until March 1st when they open for the year. My research has focused on where to go after the Escapees Escapade in the middle of Missouri the last week in May. I’m currently leaning on turning south toward Branson MO and Arkansas.

My only real accomplishment reservations wise was in January of next year. I book another three weeks in January. I now have the second half of December 2018 and all of January 2019 reserved. Need I repeat, I hate this planning and early commitment aspect of this life style.

This evening I joined the rest of the rally participants for the final dinner. This was a shrimp boil. It was supposed to be “moderately spiced”. Something went wrong. It was hot. My lips were numb after eating the corn on the cob. The entertainment that followed was by Debbie Owen and Tony T. They sang songs from the 50s through 80s of varying jandra. I thought they were better than the group the first night, but not as overall entertaining as Brent Burns last night.

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