Air Force Armaments Museum

Wednesday February 21st 2018

Today started sunny and ended cloud covered. The temperature peaked in the high 70s. In general it was a very nice day.

I started the day with coffee and a donut at the rally hall. Reviewing the schedule for the day, there was nothing that excited me until the evening dinner and entertainment. There were a few seminars scheduled that weren’t on topics that interested me and the Murbles Tournament and the Bean Bag Tournament didn’t align with my sense of fun. I decided to do some area touring instead.

I went to the Air Force Armaments Museum at Englin Air Force Base. It seems like every Air Force base around the country either has a museum or is associated with one. This one was one of the better ones I visited. They had a good set of aircraft on static display outside the building. Most of the types of Air Force planes that played a significant role in US history since World war II were represented. All of the displays had a placard that described the aircraft and its role in warfare. They also provided specific information about the actual aircraft on display. This gives a more personal story than just providing the specifications like I’ve seen at similar museums.

Inside the museum building are displays of weapon systems that are carried by aircraft. These range from the guns on planes in World War I to the Cruise Missiles used today. All of these displays had descriptive placards too. I really enjoyed touring the Air Force Armaments Museum.






B-17 Flying Fortress


AC-130A Gunship


A-10A Thunderbolt II


F-111E AArdvark. I haven’t seen many of these on display at other museums.


MACE Missele


B-47E Stratojet

I got back to the fairgrounds in plenty of time to get ready for the evening dinner and entertainment. Tonight’s meal was pulled pork with backed beans and cold slaw. A brownie was served for desert. Once again I cleaned my plate like a good little boy. The entertainment that followed was more enjoyable that last nights. Brent Burns a Rock Music Association Entertainer and Songwriter of the Year performed. He played the guitar and sang his songs with titles like “If it’s Snowbird season why can’t we shoot ’em.” He had the audience laughing and singing along.

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