First Day of the Rally

Tuesday February 20th 2018

It was a mostly cloudy day often threatening to rain. The temperature was in the upper half of the seventies most of the day. Tomorrow is forecast to be a repeat performance. Overall, an OK day.


Some of the RVs parked for the rally. The metal fairground building in the distance is the location for all the rally events.

I checked in for the rally this morning and got my badge. There wasn’t a lot of items on the agenda during the day other than the vendor booths. This rally isn’t really big enough to draw a lot of vendors. Those that are here will also be doing seminars over the next two days to help sell their products and services.

RVs continued to arrive all day. Today is the official arrival day and start of the rally. I haven’t heard the attendance number yet. I’d guess that with an equal number of rigs arriving today as yesterday there are probably about a hundred and twenty RVs here. If I don’t here an official count tomorrow, I’ll walk around and count them myself. I’m that curious.

This evening we had the first of three dinners. This one was roast beef with baby potatoes and broccoli. The desert was cake. It was good food for a mass catered type of thing. I wonder who the broccoli lover was. Aren’t carrots more traditionally served with roast beef? Broccoli is one of those vegetables I’ll eat but won’t go out of my way to obtain.


The evening entertainment by Malt Shoppe Memories.

The evening entertainment followed dinner. It was four guys singing oldies. The singing was alright, but the repartee and choreography was terrible. It came off as four senior dudes trying to one up each other. They never really told you what they were about to sing. They would just drop hints. All of the songs were well know, so it wasn’t hard to identify them. I just would have preferred fewer hints and more description. The music was all on a laptop computer. There wasn’t an instrument in the house.

Tomorrow there are vendor presented seminars during the day. There are a couple that I may attend, but I’m as likely to blow them off and get out and see some of the area. This is more of a social rally than an educational one. Tomorrow’s dinner is “16-hour smoked pulled pork” with a different entertainer to follow.

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