Rally Time

Monday February 19th 2018

Presidents Day started foggy just like the last few days. It lifted by the time I got on the road at 10:30. I only had around fifty miles to travel so I took my time packing and getting ready. Checkout time was eleven so I could have dragged my feet even more, but why push my luck.


Some of the early arrival RVs at the Passport America Rally in Fort Walton Beach FL.

The fifty mile trip was a little more difficult than it should have been. Since I needed to find a fairgrounds in an urban environment that might not have good signs pointing the way, I programmed the RV nav system to guide my travel. Not for the first time it had its own idea on the right way to go. I always cross check my routes with several sources since turning around is not exactly easy. I usually start with Google Maps then use other sources to check for clearances and the like. On simple travel days I write down or remember route numbers and exit numbers. Today I used the GPS.

The GPS in the RV is designed for RVs. It understands that not all roads are passable in the big vehicle. Unfortunately, its maps are a couple of years old. I think that burnt me today. Google Maps had a shorter route that cut a corner by several miles. I realized the discrepancy as all the traffic went right on nice new road while I followed the GPS straight ahead. It worked out in the end, but I had more congestion to deal with than the alternate route.

I am at the Northwest Florida Fairgrounds for the Passport America Rally. Today was early arrival day for the event that starts tomorrow through Saturday morning. It looks like lots of the attendees took advantage of early arrival. I got here around 11:30, Others had arrived shortly before I got here and they kept coming in all afternoon into the evening.


My RV at the Passport America Rally.

Passport America is a discount camping club. It provides discounts up to fifty percent on camping rates at participating campgrounds across the country. It recent years they have started conducting caravans and holding rallies. This rally was the perfect fit for my travel schedule. It was right on my travel path at the right time. So I signed up to take advantage of the food, entertainment, fellowship and information.