Laundry Day

Sunday February 18th 2018

It was another foggy start to a beautiful day. After the sun came out the temperature made it to around 80 degrees. It’s a very big improvement from the cool Texas weather I experienced last week.


A reminder of the southwest here at the campground in the southeast. 

Today’s big event was the laundry. The facility was OK, but the cost at $2 per wash load with another $2 for the dryer was one of the highest I’ve seen recently. It is still significantly less than the highest I’ve seen at $3.50 for a small load of wash. The washing part went well, but the drying was another story. Either I forgot to push the “start” button or it cut out shortly after I left the room. When I returned to check on it after thirty five minutes the machine wasn’t running and the clothes were just as wet as when I put them in. I started the machine for another thirty five plus minutes. All the heavy winter clothes weren’t dry. Rather than wast another thirty five minutes and two dollars, the damp clothes are now spread all over the inside of my RV home. With any luck they will be dry before bed time.


This is my third stay at this RV park. It is conveniently located near Interstate 10 east of Pensacola. Most of the options west of here in Florida and Alabama are a longer drive from the Interstate. The first two times I was here, my sites were deep in the park. This time I’m at the front of the park very near the Interstate. The traffic noise is continuous. I’ve gotten used to it, but the I’ve noticed the volume on the TV is set a bit higher than normal.

Tomorrow is a travel day. I am only going fifty miles to Fort Walton Beach. The Passport America Rally at the Northwest Florida Fairgrounds will be occupying my time until Saturday. I’m not sure what to expect, but the rally was at the right place at the right time to coincide with my travel schedule.


Nice bright sunset.

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