Travel Day to Las Cruces NM

Sunday January 28th 2018

It was another frustrating night with power outages throughout the night. The relays for my power transfer switch is located in the basement storage under my bedroom. Every time the power goes out and comes back on the relay trips with a loud bang. When I am trying to get to sleep and getting ready to wake up the bang can really get your attention. If it happened after I got to sleep, I didn’t here it.


Site 67 at the Las Cruces KOA.

I departed Benson AZ shortly before 10AM this morning. My first stop was at the gas station to put one credit card swipe worth of gas in my RV home. I didn’t want to fill the tank with expensive Arizona gas, but I needed enough to get to New Mexico. New Mexico gas prices are twenty or more cents cheaper per gallon. As it turns out one card swipe got bought one hundred dollars worth of gas. That was plenty to make it all the way to Las Cruces. Often the pump will kick out at fifty or seventy five dollars. I didn’t swipe my card again for the last fifteen to twenty gallons.

It was an uneventful trip out of Arizona and across southern New Mexico. The wind gusts were a problem at times, but the wind was not bad enough to cause dust storms which close the road. I passed many ominous warning signs about dust storms and what to do if you are in one. Leaving Arizona there are a couple of moderate climbs. Once in New Mexico the terrain is wide open with more gradual but long climbs.

A little after noon about halfway across southern New Mexico I crossed the Continental Divide. This is the first time since June that I’ve been east of the Divide. I went back and forth across the divide in Idaho and Montana during June. I passed west of Divide for the first time in the Motorhome at the end of February last year. My return to the east is now firmly underway.


City of Las Cruces and mountians to the east.


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