Starting to Checkout Las Cruces NM

Monday January 29th 2018

This is the start of my third year of daily blogging. In January of 2016, I committed to writing this blog everyday. My goal in writing the blog was multifaceted.

  • First I wanted to document my travels. I think I’ve been successful with that goal. There are some days that I don’t do anything interesting beyond living in the RV that make the blog entry less than scintillating, but overall it is an accurate reflection of my life in the RV.
  • My second goal was to keep friends and family informed about my travels. I’m not very good at initiating conversations so I tend to rely on this relatively passive method of communications. Once I started automatically cross positing the blog to Facebook this goal has been more successful.
  • My third objective was to give back to the RV community. I read many blogs on full time RVing before starting out. This is my small contribution to that information base. While I’ve written a lot of good information, I haven’t publicized the blog on various RV forums so I don’t have as many followers as I could.
  • My last goal was to have a communications forum to take the place of a virtual water cooler conversation. In other words I wanted a soap box. I haven’t chosen to use the blog for this purpose very often. Instead, I found that the very fact of having to write a daily blog causes me to think about what I’m doing, why I”m doing it and how I’d describe the day. In may ways the blog gets me out of my chair and out the door seeing and doing things I might otherwise not do. Even if I don’t take selfies of every event.

I’m going to give myself a B+ and plan to continue to write a blog entry every night.


Roadrunner statue made from recycled materials at the scenic view on Interstate 10. Las Cruces is in the valley behind the statue.

The weather got down into the high twenties last night but rebounded into the low sixties today. I spent most of the time in camp doing various chores. This afternoon I found a gas station to fill up the SUV and did a tour of the local area. This RV park is located on a hill northwest of Las Cruces with great views of the area. The city is in a valley with the Rio Grande river passing through. The river has a very wide cut to flow in, but the water in the cut today isn’t much more than your average creek. It is mostly gravel bars. There is a good deal of agriculture in the valley so I image water is diverted for irrigation. In a couple of months when the spring run off starts the river should be more to look at.


Looking toward downtown Las Cruces.


Sun setting on the mountains to the east of Las Cruses.


The almost full moon over Las Cruces.

The White Sands National Monument is about 70 miles to the northeast of here. I’m thinking about driving there tomorrow or Wednesday. I move on eastward Thursday.


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