Getting Ready to Leave Benson AZ

Saturday January 27th 2018

Today was my last full day in Benson AZ for this trip. I will visit the area again on future trips. I’m not getting out of here any too soon. The power problems I described in yesterday’s blog entry continued all night and have already started again tonight. There is just too much power demand for the RV parks electric system. The owners are aware of the issue, but until it’s fixed it is a royal pain. There are many other RV parks in the area that will probably get my business on my next visit to the area.


The last sunset I will see in Benson AZ for this trip.

The other reason to get moving soon is the wind forecast. Each of the next few days has a higher wind forecast than the previous day. Tomorrow should be alright for my drive out of Arizona and across New Mexico to Las Cruses. I have about two hundred and twenty five miles to go. With any luck, I’ll be off the road by the time the wind really gets strong. I’ll stay in Las Cruses until Thursday, before continuing my eastward trek.

I got many of the outside travel prep tasks done this afternoon. In addition to the normal tasks of storing the grill and loading the bicycle onto the car, I disconnected the water hose and the sewer hose. In the morning the hoses will be very stiff if not frozen. I can easily function on my water tank and holding tanks overnight. The only outside tasks left for the morning are hooking up the car for towing and stowing the electric cord.

Most of the rest of the day I just relaxed by reading, watching TV and walking around the RV park. For dinner I prepared a big batch of American Chopped Suey. The leftovers will be good for a couple of more meals even if I pig out on one of them.

The power just went off for the third time since I started this blog entry an hour ago. You’d think people would get a clue and use less power after the first outage.

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