Shopping too soon after Christmas

Wednesday December 27th 2017

Today’s temperature reached the low sixties which is about ten degrees higher than normal. There has been almost no wind the last two days causing a different type of problem. The air is filled with dust making breathing difficult for some people. It also reduces visibility considerably. The wind will return by the weekend, but the temperature will continue warmer than normal through New Years day.


My Christmas Cactus continues to bloom. There are now about eight open blossoms with an equal number of unopened buds.

I resumed some of the shopping I had put off during the Christmas rush today. It was a few days to soon. The South Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall was jam packed. It seemed to be about equally split between residents and tourists. I consider the families with lots of kids almost definitely in the locals camp and the people speaking strange languages or heavily accented English almost definitely in the tourist camp. Others groups are harder to be sure, but somehow I think I can tell.

I am shoe shopping to find a good hiking or walking shoe with a thick sole. The tread on the walking shoes I started off the year with has worn almost smooth and the cheap hiking shoes I bought in September are almost in the same shape. The cheap price must have been associated with a softer rubber compound in the soles. They seemed to have worn down after the first hike.

The outlet mall had plenty of shoe stores. There were name brand outlet stores and stores selling multiple brands. All of them were offering the same sale. It was a buy one get one at half price sale. To achieve any real savings you need to buy two pairs. I don’t want two pairs of shoes. My storage space is limited and I already have types of shoes I don’t wear. I also wasn’t impressed with the current styles of shoes for men. Some of the shoes I was seeing today would make a rainbow envious. I don’t want red shoes with florescent green accents or blue with yellow stripes. Finding the black walking shoes was a challenge. In the end I left without buying anything. Maybe a better sale will start in the new year.

Traffic in the Las Vegas valley continues to challenge my patience. Today I saw two more fender benders. It is rare to travel the roads around here without seeing an accident or two. I think the odds of getting into an accident increase every day you stay here. Another reason to move on soon.


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