Stay at Home Day in Las Vegas

Thursday December 28th 2017

Today’s weather was bright and sunny with the mercury peaking in the mid sixties. After yesterday’s encounter with the traffic on the roads and the people at the outlet mall I didn’t have any ambition for a repeat performance. I remained at my RV home doing various chores and tasks today.


Sunset didn’t have a lot to reflect light off. It was a very clear day today and a similar forecast is in place for tomorrow.

I also read through many of this years blog entries to get ready for a year end summary. I’ll probably publish that on New Years Eve if I can get the backlog pictures uploaded to the “cloud”. Internet access is driving me crazy the last couple of days. The RV Park’s WiFi isn’t the fastest in the world, but it has been adequate until recently. Microsoft in its omnipotence has seen fit to download a major update for my computer. Not only did that take internet bandwidth, it also seems to be making my computer slower. If they are force downloading updates for other people in the RV park, the continued slow access might be explained.

I could switch my internet connection from the RV parks system to my 4g cellular data connection. It would be faster, but I have a cap on my monthly data usage. Unused data roles over to the next month. Since I will be on the road next month, I want all the role over data I can get. I’m sticking with the slower RV park WiFi for now.


A little later that the last sunset photo, this one captured the sun reflecting off a jet.

For exercise I took three walks around the RV park. There are still many RVs in waiting mode. Most are from cold northern locations. I imagine the occupants have flown back to places like Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada as well as the north US states of Montana, Washington and Minnesota. These are representative of the license plates on many of the empty RVs. After the new year I suspect this place will show a little more evidence of life.

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