Christmas Day in Las Vegas

Monday December 25th 2017

Merry Christmas everyone.

The day started cool and cloudy. By afternoon the sun was peaking through the clouds and warming things up nicely. The temperature peaked in the mid sixties. That’s about ten degrees warmer than the average.


Merry Christmas

The last two years I’ve been in Florida for Christmas. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico played a part in the Christmas day activities. Here in Las Vegas the relative humidity is under 20 percent and there are no nearby oceans, so I settled for a casino. This afternoon I went to the nearby Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall for dinner and entertainment.

The casino buffets are a big draw for holiday meals. It is fairly economic way to feed a large group when the fast food places are taking the day off. Families from all over the valley visit the casinos for their holiday meal. I was in line behind a group with six or seven kids and with about five adults. The staff had to reconfigure a large section of the dinning area and find six booster chairs. Unfortunately, it was at the time of a shift change so it was a really slow line to get in to the dinning area.

The food was good, but the selection was odd. For the meat portion of the meal a choice of turkey, ham or roast beef was available. I had some turkey and some ham. They’re fairly traditional food for Christmas. It was the things they had to go with it that was odd. Similar to my experience at Thanksgiving, the vegetables were in short supply. Except for the stir fry in the Asian area, the only vegetable I found was a green bean casserole. I didn’t even find mashed potatoes. There were baked potatoes, steak fries, stuffing and onion rings. I had plenty of good food to eat, but a dietician wouldn’t call it balanced. For desert I over did it a little with apple pie, a yellow cup cake and a cream puff. Hey! I was sitting right in front of the desert bar.


Las Vegas’s version of snow and it’s inside.

After dinner I pumped some money through the machines while I watched the activity around the casino. It was a busy place. Many of the patrons were dressed for the holiday in Christmas sweaters, Santa hats or red velvet. All of the popular slot and video poker machines were in high demand. A couple of people were even winning. I saw two different jackpots paid out. To bad it wasn’t paid to me.


I finished my visit to Sam’s Town by watching the Christmas Laser and Fountain show in the Mystic Falls Park atrium.

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