Another Walk in the Wetlands Park

Sunday December 24th 2017

This Christmas Eve day was not quite as gloomy as yesterday. It only had about a three quarter cloud cover so it was brighter and a little warmer. The temperature got to the middle fifties today.

For those reading this on Christmas day. Merry Christmas.

When I got up this morning I had an email from Amazon. Some of the items I order last weekend and expected next week had been delivered yesterday. Another package was due to arrived today. Amazon has a fulfillment center in North Las Vegas and uses its own drivers to deliver many items to valley residents. Packages are dropped off at the RV Resort office. I hung around my RV home until I got notified that the package had arrived at the office. I’ll write more about my gifts to myself and the motorhome in another blog entry.

By two in the afternoon I was free to leave the RV. The packages had been delivered and the first round of NFL games was over. I went to the Wetlands Park for some exercise and to visit the birds. Other people had similar ideas. There were more people walking in the park than I’ve seen on my visits during the week. I kept crossing paths with one family with young children. A walk in nature seems like a good way to distract the kids from tomorrows activities.


View to the east of the Wetlands park of the Sunrise mountains.


View to the west showing the clouds that covered the Las Vegas valley most of the day.

The birds swimming in the ponds were as entertaining as ever. Since my last visit I have learned that the birds I was calling “ducks” are actually American Coots. This seems to be a major faux pas on my part. I didn’t mean to offend the Coots, the ducks or the bird aficionados on the internet. So if you’re an American Coot reading this blog entry, I officially apologize. I’m also including a picture of a pair of Mallard Ducks to give them equal time in my blog.


Mr. and Mrs. Mallard duck.


An American Coot. There are many more of these birds around than there are ducks. 

On each visit to the Wetlands park the landscape changes. The reeds and grasses are turning brown and falling down. More of the wetlands are becoming visible. I think it will take more sever weather to completely knock down the reeds. I am enjoying the changes, but I’m not sure I want the bad weather it will take to complete the job.

The slow and lazy atmosphere here at the RV Park continues. I am convinced many of the RVs are empty while the residents are off visiting for the holiday. Others were gone from dawn (at least from the time I got up) until dusk today. Were they doing last minute shopping? Tomorrow I’ll go to one of the casinos for dinner and some gambling entertainment. It sounds a little depressing, but it isn’t. I’ll be surrounded by people having fun and enjoying the day.

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