Shopping not Buying Day

Monday October 30th 2017

The weather was different today. There were clouds in the sky. Other than that the temperature was still very comfortable in the mid 80s. The forecasts indicate this may be the last day in the 80s for some time. The projected high temps trend downward toward the high 60s next week. I’m not complaining. It’s better than the weather elsewhere in the country.

I spent most the of the morning lingering over breakfast coffee and watching inane TV shows. When I finally got the day started I spent most of my time in traffic getting from place to place. One of the advantages to being in a large city is the proximity of a large variety of stores. Over the summer I have developed many “wants” and a few “needs” for various things. Finding stores to fill the “needs” and turn the “wants” into “needs” or “forget its” is hard when traveling. Online shopping is always a possibility but you need to be staying still long enough to receive the item. On top of that seeing and touching a product is the best way to turn a “want” into a “need”.

Today I was working on replacing my gas grill. The one I have is over ten years old. I’ve been making it work for over a year, but it’s really done for now. There are a number of good replacements that are just a little bit bigger than my current grill. I don’t want to reconfigure and throw out other stuff to make room for a bigger grill. I found a smaller grill online, but questioned its quality. Today I found one at the Camping World Store in Henderson NV. I wasn’t impressed with its quality. My guess is it might last a year or two, but not the 10 plus years of my current grill. Making room for a bigger grill may be the only way to go.


Cactus at the Ethel M Candies Cactus Garden already decorated for Christmas.



I also have a “want” for a new camera. I’m not real impressed with the picture quality from my Canon Point and Shoot camera. I think my cell phone takes better pictures. I’m considering using it in place of the point and shoot. For more versatility in a relatively small package I’m considering a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera. I’ve been reading reviews on the internet to learn more about the candidate cameras. Today I stopped at a Best Buy to start narrowing the list of possibilities. I’ll probably still buy the camera online if I turn my “want” into a “need”.

While I was out I stopped at the Ethel M Candies Cactus Gardens. I enjoy waking through the cactus from all over the southwest. At Christmas time they put lights on the cactus and have a real Christmas celebration complete with Santa Claus and fake snow. I was surprised to see that the cactus garden was already decorated for Christmas. There were strings of lights on all the cactus and other seasonal decorations were scattered around the grounds. I don’t think it is open at night yet, but it won’t be long.

The lights at the cactus garden got me thinking about Halloween. The last two years I’ve been in campgrounds that got into decorating for Halloween in a big way. I’m not in one this year. I have seen very few Halloween decorations at this park. I walked around the RV park tonight looking for decorated RVs. I found one RV with orange ground lights and a couple of units with attempts at ghost displays. I don’t know if it’s the park or the overall area. I’m fine with not decorating for Halloween, but I hope there will be decorations for Christmas.

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